… about Spring Break!!!

Basking in the sun….

Woo! Spring Break is officially here! Why am I so excited, you ask?

Well, I’ll tell you five reasons why:

  1. Becky Pyles. er. Becky Griffith. One of my BFF’s from up in MD is coming down to my town (well, my state) and I get to invade her vacation for a few days. It’s been almost TWO YEARS since I’ve seen this chick. I am SO EXCITED!!!
  2. Vitamin D. It’s beautiful outside and I am planning on exposing my pasty skin to some good ol’ Florida sunshine.
  3. One week of not fighting against nature to get Roxy to school on time. Poor Roxy, she got her Momma’s ‘always late’ genes. And possibly most likely (or maybe this one is learned and not inherited), my lack of ‘morning person’ skills.
  4. Bathing Suit Wearing. I have been busting my a$$ at the gym (and loving it). It’s truth time. Will I actually feel comfortable in public in a bathing suit? I’m kind of excited to find out.
  5. BECKY MOTHER EFFING PYLES!!!! Oh, and getting all our kidlets together. It’s gonna be so cool. :D
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 <3, Tabi :D
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