Thanks for tuning in to this week’s FTTMMHF post! This week, I decided to make a little collage…

  1. I finally made a Vegan Meal everyone liked  loved and I am proud of! I am not a fan of processed foods and I think that’s why I was starting to get super bummed about this new way of eating… we were relying on a lot of those vegan frozen fake meats. There are a few of those that are yummy, but they definitely should not be the main things to plan your meals around… so this Mac and Cheeze recipe can be found here. It was the most involved macaroni and cheese I’ve ever made, but it’s worth it. I doubled the recipe so we could have leftovers. (smartie)
  2. Tea Parties. ;)  Zoie loves her Toca Boca Tea Party app. And she says “tooka bookah” sooooo cute. It makes me smile every time she says it.
  3. Roxy got a hold of the iPad and ‘Drew Something’ for Christopher. It happens a bunch, but this particular drawing was so good, so detailed, he questioned whether it was Roxy or I. Really, the only thing that gave it away that it was Roxy and not me was the way she draws her hearts. It’s kind of her signature.
  4. Our pool is almost swim ready!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! The kids are excited and I’m excited and Zoie is going to be so cute in the pool this year!
  5. It’s the weekend and I have NO PLANS! What?!??!? This hasn’t happened for a while.  I’m kind of lost with what I should do with myself. I’m sure we’ll get into something fun. :)

So, that’s me. What is making you happy today? Let me know in my comments below.

Have a great weekend peeps!

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<3, Tabi :D
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