This week’s installment of Five Things That Makes Me Happy Friday…
something that I usually do every Friday. 
  1. This picture the Bear drew of Daddy with ‘Crazy Bear Hair’ (aka a Mohawk).
  2. Zoie’s fishy face.
  3. Yesterday, just before a crazy/windy/scary thunderstorm graced us with it’s furious presence we spotted a turtle in the road. Crossing over a 5 or 6 lane street, entering into an intersection… without intervention, this guy didn’t stand a chance. My husband the hero, jumped out and scooped him up. We drove over to a nearby pond and he braved the storm to release the little guy to safety. Saving turtles makes me happy.
  4. Roxy’s writing style makes me happy. I think she should start her own blog. What do you think? This little story she wrote on the way to school this morning says,
    “Dear Daddy,
    Can you wate intele your birthday? Well, I can’t!
    I have a dog. Well, tow. Not one. One is brown and one is lite brown. One dog is littl and one is big. Oh! I forgot to tell you ther names. The small dog is Sidny and the big dog is Bently. What cinde of pet do you take care of?”

  5. Back to yesterday… on the way home after picking up a pizza, we saw yet another little turtle acting dangerously. The hubs resumed his turtle hero duties. Saving TWO turtles in one day makes me twice as happy.
What is making you happy today?
<3, Tabi :D
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