1. My little baby girl is growing up to be a perfect 6 year old girl. It seems she gets more beautiful and more gracious everyday. (Even when she shoots me a silly face every time I point a camera at her: see figure 1 above.)
  2. When the Bear’s fever gets below 100 degrees. Yes, he’s sick… again. :(
  3. My washi tape came in!!! And on those adorable wooden spools (brought from Etsy). It’s silly, but cute little things bring me so much joy. (Other examples: babies, mini cupcakes, Squinkies, kid size Poang chairs…)
  4. Sharing funny little anecdotal stories about the children with Christopher at night on the couch when the house is finally quiet.
    Like the one where Zoie and Riley were nicely sharing the iPad and playing on one of Zoie’s Fisher-Price apps, when I look over and Riley is trying to poke Zoie in the eye… I yell, “Don’t poke the baby in her eye!”, so he replies, “But baby Zoie just poked my eye!!” This is bittersweet because Zoie is at that stage where she knows where her nose, lips and eyes are. She was trying to show the Bear where his eyes are, but he thought she was poking him. It’s funny because no one cried and he had an aha! moment at the end and shared in her excitement.

  5. Dipping my strawberries in sugar. YUMMM.
<3, Tabi :D
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