Easter is literally around the corner, and so I’ve been thinking about eggs lately.

This Five Things Post is about: Eggs.

1. I came across this informative, visually intriguing mini documentary about eggs from PBS: The Story of an Egg

It’s been a year since we’ve been vegetarians now. As I mention often, we are ‘veganish’, meaning we don’t eat meat, my son has a dairy allergy and so a lot of our family meals tend to be vegan.

We became vegetarians when my oldest daughter realized that other living creatures were dying so we could eat. She didn’t think that was fair to them and went against her entire moral code. As a family, we chose to support her on this. We agreed that milk and eggs were okay, because us eating those things meant that the animal lived on.

(Side Note: we really don’t drink much ‘cow’ milk around here anyways – everyone has embraced the love of soy! Regular soy, Vanilla Soy, Chocolate Soy… mmmm)

So, eggs were a fine and dandy thing on our menu … until I came across information on egg farms and how those poor chickens are treated… going so far as to have their beaks cut off to avoid pecking at other hens under the stress of living in such cramped quarters their whole life.

I swear going vegetarian has made me a much more compassionate person towards living creatures. I’ve never been an “animal person”, but I’m finding myself feeling much empathy towards the animal kingdom – much more empathy than before, when I used to consume the animal kingdom.

This new knowledge of cramped chicken quarters, hens never seeing the light of day, male chicks just blended up while still alive because they are of no use to the egg farm, sickened me and I found myself at the grocery store unable to buy the eggs my children needed to dye in pretty colors as is our Easter tradition.

In case you were wondering: I haven’t shown this video to my kids – perhaps it’s tame enough that I could, but I don’t want to be the one to propagate all those horrible images in their innocent little minds.

Forgive my long rant, my Mom thinks I’m being ‘silly’ so I feel the need to express my opinion in a complete way.

2. Because of my predicament of #1 above, and upcoming Easter and the kids wanting to dye eggs – plus we all love some scrambled eggs with our Sunday morning pancakes, I went in search for some locally farmed, ‘pastured’ eggs. I found some for sale via CraigsList. While it was a good 25-30 drive to get them, they were very reasonably priced ($2.50 per dozen) and I felt good about them. Even Roxy and Riley had a beam of pride on their faces as we picked them up. Roxy was very proud to show off the different shades of tan and the speckled ones and the different sized ones to her Daddy when he got home. The ad promised that the hens ran around in her pasture all day long, only to be locked away in their pens at night for their own protection.

3. Easter Eggs Live!!

Have you guys seen this? Heard of it? Check it out here: http://eggs.channel4.com/

via the ‘About’ page:
From crocodiles to cockroaches and stick insects to sharks, 99 per cent of life starts in an egg. Join our groundbreaking investigation into the embryonic behaviour of reptiles, invertebrates, birds, fish and amphibians. Watch the hatching action unfold on our 24/7 live streams from Monday 25 March, meet our eggs then follow our newborn cast of hatchlings on Baby Cam. You can join the conversation on Twitter and on our Facebook page too.

What an amazing, educational and incredibly cute idea! There are live egg/baby cams on the website that I’ve been checking into daily. Sooo cute! <swoon>

4. Darth Vader Easter Eggs = Most Awesome!


5. I leave you with this rare photo of the Easter Bunny that has to do with eggs, because it is the Easter Bunny who delivers all those plastic eggs filled with candy to children on Easter morning. If you’re thinking this bunny looks a lot like Zoie in bunny ears, well I thought so too. I inquired on this and the bunny declared, “I NOT Zoie! I am Easter Bunny!” I’m not arguing with the Easter Bunny the day before Easter, so I will have to take the bunny’s word on it.


xo, Tabi :D

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