If you are on Instagram, you know what I’m talking about. :)

For the month of February, I took part in a photo a day challenge on Instagram and Oh-Boy was it fun! I dig the challenge that a subject a day puts on you, it makes you think more creatively, look at the beauty in ordinary things and it’s also fun to see what your friends posted on the same subject. You can read about the March photo a day challenge here. Are you in for March??
I am. Definitely. :D

Here are my February pics in recap. Enjoy.

1. your view today 2. words 3. hands 4. a stranger 5. 10 am 6. dinner 7. button 8. sun 9. front door

10. self portrait 11. makes you happy 12. inside your closet (maybe I slightly cheated on this one, Zoie’s closet is much cuter!) 13. blue 14. heart 15. phone 16. something new (blog post!) 17. time
19. something you hate to do (getting out of bed) 20. handwriting 21. a fave photo of you 22. where you work 23. your shoes 24. inside your bathroom cabinet 25. green 26. night 27. something you ate
28. money 29. something you’re listening to #marchphotoaday>
<3, Tabi :D
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