I wasn’t ready for Easter. We made it through, but I still feel like I wasn’t prepared. It’s a weird feeling. To top it off, ZoBo was under the weather, poor thing. :(

But, it was a pretty good day. Family. Good Food. Egg Hunt. Bunny Tracks… what more could I ask for? (Well, a healthy bunch of kids… but besides that…)

Here are a few snapshots I did happen to take in commemoration of Easter 2012.

The kids had a blast dying our eggs. They came out GREAT!! Roxy was worried that the Bunny would eat up our cake and cookies we made, so we left him a carrot and a note to make sure he knew the goodies were off limits to him.

We made a Vegan Avocado Chocolate cake. The icing looked Shrek-ish and slimy gobby texturey… but it tasted good!

Roxy made that cute little chickadee all herself out of a cotton ball (I only helped with the hot glue gun button eyes)! It was all her concept and she ran with it. I think he came out super duper cute!!!

As I said, Zoie was under the weather and spent 80% of the day cuddled up in my arms, so I didn’t get many pictures. :( But the good news is that she seems to be on the road to recovery today! So fingers crossed she kicks this bug in it’s butt!

<3, Tabi :D
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