Once upon a time, not so long ago…

… I made a wish on a star. I wished for a brand new – in the box, shiny new white iPhone.
I must’ve been a goooood girl, because today my wish was granted. 
Dear Fedex man,

         Thanks so much for delivering my phone on time and in perfect condition.

                                                                                              Thanks again, Tabi

It’s soooo coool…. :D

Long story short… my Mom is awesome, I got my shiny new phone, it rocks, I LOVE it, it can keep up with me!!!! I am a happy happy happy Tabi.

A couple more love notes. <3 <3 <3

Dear Mom,

         You always know what it takes to make me happy. What did I do to deserve everything I ever wanted? You did a super great job wrapping up the phones, it did the job and made a strong presentation. I loved the decorative wrapping paper you commissioned Lala to create.

                                                                                              Love, Tabi

Dear Apple,

         You guys make kick ass stuff. This white iPhone 4 you made for me is perfect. The camera rocks, it keeps up with me, there’s a FLASH!! You guys rock!

                                                                                              Love, Tabi 

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