I just found this online after searching dream house. How cool!
I wonder how much Windex they go through?

If I didn’t have the constraints of a budget (i.e. lack of money) and space (5-1/2 people + 2 dogs in a 1400 square foot home, these are the things you would find in my home. This is a very important list because when resources do come available, I need to be organized with my list of demands.

  1. An island in the kitchen. I always need prep space and the kids always want to help – it’s nearly impossible to entertain three (sometimes 4) kids in my kitchen while trying to prepare edible food and not destroying things in the process. In my head – an island is the answer to all my kitchen problems.
  2. A room that doesn’t have toys in it. I am a minimalist and a clutter-phobe. I have accepted that kids come with toys and have mostly come to peace with it. But is it too much to ask for just one room without toys? Segway to my next list item…
  3. A play room. With a chalkboard wall. A room to stow all toys. In my head – this is the answer to all my toy problems. I have thought that maybe when Zoie gets a little older and out of her crib, we might have a year or two where the kids are all the right age to all share 1 room – making the other room available for a play room? It will require some creativity, hrmmmmmm….
  4. A room with nothing in it.  Maybe a mirror wall and some speakers. We can do yoga, dance, meditate, use it as a party room, large space needing projects – the possibilities are endless.
  5. A tree house. No explanations for that needed. What’s not cool about a tree house?
  6. Patio table and chairs. On TV/Movies I always see families taking their breakfast/dinners outside and get super envious. We would eat outside often if it was as nice as it is in my head.
  7. A walk in closet. A la Carrie Bradshaw. A girl can dream, right?!?
  8. A garden tub. With candles around it.
I think it’s a modest list. Right?
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