… Sexy? Intelligent? Chic? But mostly… don’t I look sexy?

I have really good eyesight. I don’t need glasses. But, not so secretly, sometimes I wish I did – for the fashion!

Think: Lisa Loeb, Zooey Deschanel, Tina Fey
Totally hot chicks made even hotter by the glasses they wear. 

The other day, I realized that my husband, who does wear (eyeglasses) accidentally left his at home on the bathroom counter. I sent via text the above picture to him to let him know… his response?

… well, let’s just say he found the image to be, erm, attractive. See? Point proven.
In this family, two of us actually have an eyeglasses prescription, that would be (1) my husband and (2) my stepson, Cameron.

Don’t they look adorable in their glasses?

Yet, we all like to pose in Daddy’s glasses. :)

And sometimes, glasses are the BEST props for funny/cute/awesome pictures.
( Okay, so maybe that was a gratuitous excuse to post cute pictures of us. )
So, to have some more spectacled fun, the other night I navigated my bored self over to GlassesUSA.com and virtually tried on some frames. These were my favorite.
This is what I think of GlassesUSA and their Virtual Mirror:
1.) It’s kind of/a lot of fun.
2.) I totally look like Lisa Loeb in these frames.
3.) I don’t really understand how they can sell such cheap glasses, but they do.
4.) I have something to look forward to when I grow old(er) and actually (maybe) need glasses.
You can virtually try on some glasses for fun, too!

<3, Tabi :D
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