My very worst habit is being my own biggest critic and spiraling into a negativity cyclone. 

There, you got one out of me and it’s a doozy… For today’s blog challenge, I’m actually going to change up today’s prompt a little and talk about some of my BEST habits instead. My blog is all about focusing on the positive, so let’s keep this uniform, shall we?

A habit is: an acquired pattern of behavior that often occurs automatically. I looked it up, and had to paste it in here so I don’t go on and on about awesome things that aren’t actually habits.

Here are some of my best habits:

  • I’m on top of the laundry. Always in check. I am the laundry goddess.
  • I research, ponder and even fight for my children’s best interest. Be it health issues, moral issues, education, etc.
  • I get in the habit of eating healthy and not wavering on this, even on days I’d rather sleep than spend a few minutes in the kitchen. This includes the food I make for my family. And it’s a continuous and non stop process of finding the best diet for my family at any given time.
  • I have a habit of making sure that I get my exercise in so that I feel better. We all know that a happy Mommy makes a happy family.
  • I floss every single day.
  • I use my reusable shopping bags at the store.
  • We recycle.
  • I root for the underdog. (Is that a habit?)’
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<3, Tabi :D
p.s.  Sometimes I wear an outfit I think is super cute and the only people that see me in it are my kids. So I thought I’d share a peeksie with you. ;)
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