It’s day 7 of the 31 Day Blog Challenge, ya’ll! Today’s prompt is: Your Pet Hates (I’ve always said my pet peeves, so I’ll go with that).

I don’t like to dwell much on what gets under my skin, so I had to think hard about this. I guess I do have a few:

  • When people answer a question with a question.
  • The question, “How does that make you feel?”
  • Vague Facebook statuses.
  • Stickers that are supposed to be removed from items. Especially the stupid ones that tear when you peel them off.
  • ¬†Styrofoam. It makes my skin crawl.
  • Dog hair that’s not on the dog.
 <3, Tabi :D
p.s. I’m surprised at the amount of people that really hate late people. That person is me. I don’t mean to, it’s like the universe needs me to always be late, no matter how hard I try. My apologies in advance.¬†

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