No! I am definitely not afraid of zombies. Ha! I tricked you.
(Image found via Google Images by searching ‘zombie’)

Only a few things come to mind when arranging a fear list in my mind. Perhaps I’m not as scaredy as I thought. Here’s my short list.

  • THE DARK. Definitely afraid of the dark.
  • Snakes. I will not go into any more detail. It will cause nightmares. 
  • Unmarked White Work Vans. They are obviously there to work on something. Not putting a name or any indicating marks on their vehicle makes them sneaky, and sneaky white vans freak me out. 
  • Censoring or suppressing my children.
  • Growing up to be one of those grumpy old ladies afraid of change and new things. 
  • Sinkholes. 
  • Getting obese. 
  • Unsafe drivers.

Not so scaredy, huh? I think I’ve heard someone say that all fears are irrational, but looking at my list, I’m thinking mine are all pretty rational. What do you think?

<3, Tabi :D
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