* Did you notice? I spelled it ‘favourite’, instead of ‘favorite’. Fancy!

This post is easy peasy. And a great segway to my weekly Five Things That Make Me Happy Friday post.

Fifteen things, go!

1.  Sweet Reggae in the morning.
2.  Morning lattes.
3.  Cuddles.
4.  My Christopher. <3
5.  My toes in the sand.
6.  Roxy. The girl that made me a Mommy.
7.  A good yoga.
8.  Warm Fuzzies. (You know, that feeling in your belly when something is so good.)
9.  My Riley Bear. Who teaches me it’s great to be a weirdo.
10. Yummy dreams you never want to wake up from.
11. Halloween.
12. Nutella.
13. My Zoie Boie. Who makes my heart melt every day.
14. Good surprises.
15. Compliments. Both given and received.
16. Cameron. My favorite kid that I didn’t give birth to.
17. Star Wars.
18. Five Guys Fries.
19. Great texting buddies. (I’m talking about you Nicole and Butha)
20. My Mom and Dad.
21. Sunday Mornings.

(Sorry, I went over. You know me, always breaking the rules!!)

Happy Friday! Today is my stepson, Cameron’s birthday. He’s 10 today!!!

Do you remember turning 10? For a girl, I remember that being the age everything started to get confusing and weird. I had no brothers growing up, so perhaps it’s different for a boy? I feel extremely lucky to be a part time mom to an older boy. It’s a great learning experience for me on how to deal with my own full time boy. :)

Be sure to click back on over here later for my Five Things That Make Me Happy Friday Post.

Until then, have a wonderful day.

<3, Tabi :D
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