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So. Much. CAKE.

Friday was my birthday, so of course there was cake. Saturday was a pottery party for one of Roxy’s classmates – cake for her (Roxy – the rest of us skipped on it). After pottery party, we checked out our little local Winterfest. There we got to pet some cute animals, went on a “hayride” (… around a parking lot), the kids bounced, I got my free Starbucks birthday coffee ( and freaked out because …

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Two birthday parties and a Crush

This weekend was filled up with two birthday parties, Halloween costume preparations and lots of cookies and cake. I made these. They. are. delicious! I learned the Bear has a crush on Fifi. ( awwwwwww ) He wrote her a letter we are sending in the mail today. And he really wants her to come over and play two player Portal with him.

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An Extraordinarily Unordinary Day

Yesterday, on the precipice of the RNC and Tropical Storm/Hurricane Isaac, we decided to take advantage of the calm before the storm and head to Clearwater Beach. It had been a week since I had my toes in the sand and I was having withdrawals. So, as our trip began, many unusual sights and unordinary things abounded. To get to Clearwater Beach, we have to drive through downtown Tampa. With the RNC gearing up, our …

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My Weekend in a Nutshell

Every night around here is the same. The kids go to bed, Chris and I lounge on the couch watching grown up shows until it’s grown up bedtime. Recently, we switched it up and Chris sits on the right side of me instead of the left. We are so exciting. This is the Bear. I believe this photo was taken by Zoie, but it’s hard to say because this is what he looks like all …

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