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Parent Tip #105

Let grandparents be grandparentsand let them spoil the children.     It’s what makes them happy and it’s what makes happy kiddos. So just let it be.    It’s so much fun to see the excitement go down.

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Parent Tip #104

When you have a child with a runny nose, it is a very bad idea to wear black. Can you spot the snot smear? For past parent tips, click here and here and here.

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Parent Tip #103

Be proactive with your children’s healthcare.  Ask questions. Do your own research. Trust your gut. The sunshine on this soy milk was perfect for my #febphotoaday challenge!! My Riley Bear developed a rash on his mouth shortly before his 4th birthday last December. At first, I treated at home with Aveeno Eczema Cream and Vaseline. It would get better and worse, but never completely went away. When it got way worse, I took him to …

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Parent Tip #102

This one is simple. And keep it off as long as possible. I promise, creativity will ensue.

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Parent Tip #101

Make your punishments creative! Time-outs get way old and definitely don’t work for every little thing. I’ve noticed some snarkiness lately in the children. It seems to start at the top of the totem pole (*) and works it’s snarky little way down. This new snarkiness is showing it’s face in the form of a “Whatever!”… usually accompanied by an eye roll.  Warnings and time outs could be used here, but sheesh it gets old, …

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