(maybe I exaggerate, sometimes)

I spent the entire day in bed yesterday, except for when I was in the bathroom. I can’t remember the last time I felt so crappy. But so far, I’m feeling much better today. Cross your fingers it stays that way.

On Tuesday morning, the kids and I drove over to invade my girl Becky’s vacation in Kissimmee. We had a blast and stayed until we had to come back for Roxy’s dance class on Thursday evening. Here are some pictures I snapped.

(Becky, you MUST send me some of yours, I know you took 3 times as many as I did.)

Her resort had sunshine, parks and pools. My kids and her kids got along grand, and I even got some much needed catch up time with my old BFF from back home in Maryland. <3

Wednesday evening, they took us to the cutest little carnival called ‘Old Town’. The kids had SO much FUN!! Roxy rode a roller coaster (which is a very brave Roxy), Riley loved the motorcycles, Zoie and Hailey had a blast on the teacups.

I was amazed by how much my kids’ connected with the Griffith’s. Zoie even allowed Justin to talk to her (see bottom right picture)!! Roxy and Kyle held hands and talked like teenagers much of our visit. (Becky, did you get a hand holding picture?)

It was fate they came down the same week as our Spring Break! I’m so glad it worked out. I hope it’s not another 2 years before I get to see them again. 2 years is too long!

<3, Tabi :D
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