… I feel that anything is possible!

I’ve had this conversation with my husband before. It’s one of those convos that after we finish up, I’m positive he records it somewhere in a password protected journal titled, “Reasons Tabi is nutzo.”

He’s the skeptic, I’m the believer – we balance each other out…

Seriously. I’ve considered that it’s totally possible unicorns hang out by rainbows and maybe fairies are real. I think humans only think they know everything when actually there is so much in this world universe that anyone one has ever begun to think about. There is a shrimp – Mantis Shrimp, that can see 12 different wavelengths of color. We humans only see 4 wavelengths of color. See? Imagine if we could see all those wavelengths – what our world would look like. Physics, dimensions, parallel universes… there are studies that contradict themselves in the news every day. This is all very fascinating stuff to me. I am so not a grounded person.

Magic is real.

I’ve always felt that whatever I want – I mean what I really really want – I get. Is it praying that works? Is it The Secret? Karma? I’m absolutely not a person of unlimited resources (i.e. money) and I’m also that girl who always wants more. Yet – I feel very lucky and satisfied in that I get what I want – but there’s always more, there’s always a higher standard I want to reach.

Rev Run (of Run DMC) tweeted this recently:

If we pray little, it is probably because we do not really believe that prayer accomplishes much at all.

Every so often I read/hear something that sticks with me. This quote did and I am going to start praying bigger. I want so much more. Not just for myself – mostly for my family. For those awesome, incredibly cute little humans that I’ve put so much energy into raising – I want so much more. I’ve had such an amazing experience with life for myself so far. And since anything is possible, I want my kids to experience anything their hearts desire. Whatever they can imagine.

“Playing it safe can cause a lot of damage in the long run”

So – I’m sticking myself out there. Right now. God… I’m ready. I can handle it. I want to take risks and reap their rewards. Please answer my prayers and show me how to be that successful person I get a glimpse of in my daydreams.


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