IMG_9276Roxy is my little animal rights advocate. She initiated our family to turn vegetarian, and she truly cares about animals. At the beginning of our vegetarianism, I stumbled across & ordered the free sticker/comic book kit for her. When it came in, I gave her the cute stickers (which she plastered all over her school notebooks) & tucked the comic books away on our bookshelf, thinking that maybe she wasn’t quite ready to learn about animal testing, beaks getting cut off of chickens, etc.

Well, she soon discovered those tucked away comic books and references them often.

I took that photo you see up there yesterday. While switching out the laundry, I peeked in on the girls & this is what I saw. I suppose maybe Roxy’s method of getting Zoie’s attention long enough to educate her on why animals in the circus aren’t happy is a bit stern, possibly borderline illegal – but Zoie didn’t seem to mind. Plus, being tied up in a chair with a Rapunzel braid as rope was definitely picture worthy.

Don’t get me wrong, Roxy is a proper advocate. She is educated on the subjects (as much as a 7 year old should be) and doesn’t push her positions on everyone she meets. She will, however, talk about why she doesn’t eat meat, why we buy eggs from a local lady with chickens running around happily in her yard, and why she won’t go to a circus that uses trained elephants and other animals for entertainment – if she is asked.

Although her friends are McNugget eaters – and sometimes she misses out on Happy Meal toys or what not, I am ecstatic that she does keep her position when asked by a cousin or friend why she won’t eat meat! And I’m ecstatic that thus far she hasn’t given in to any kind of peer pressure to ‘be like everyone else’. Honestly, I hope she never wants to ‘be like everyone else’.

I wish this for all my children >> to always like what you like because you like it. To speak up when you feel something is not right. To defend yourself when you feel you have been wronged. Align yourself with what feels right to you and you will find happiness.

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