Yesterday, on the precipice of the RNC and Tropical Storm/Hurricane Isaac, we decided to take advantage of the calm before the storm and head to Clearwater Beach. It had been a week since I had my toes in the sand and I was having withdrawals.

So, as our trip began, many unusual sights and unordinary things abounded.

To get to Clearwater Beach, we have to drive through downtown Tampa. With the RNC gearing up, our cops are out in full force. We spotted them in their military-like uniforms with their guns strapped to their thighs like Lara Croft looking under every rock, in every garbage can, in every hole. For what? Bombs is what I’m told.

Seeing them crossing the streets in groups of 10 or more was a bit disconcerting to me.

As we were going over the bridge on Courtney Campbell Causeway, Christopher points out the police boat below searching for explosive devices. I didn’t know people made threats on our bridges?!? I’m starting to wonder if every political convention has this many threats attached to it. I know politicians aren’t very popular, but… wow!

So, we get to the beach and Roxy and Riley start pointing out all the contrasts our beach has to the beach we stayed at a week ago in the Outer Banks (hereafter referred to as OBX).

  • The smell: it’s not a fresh, clean seabreezy smell here, it’s more like… hint of seafood.
  • The sand: it’s much more soft, white and sugary here, not as rocky and fluffy as it is in OBX.
  • The water: is MUCH warmer here.
  • The waves: Riley referred to the waves in OBX as having a tantrum. Clearwater waves are much more relaxed. He liked that.

There was a bit of a pool built up about a foot to a foot and a half deep that the kids waded around in. In it we saw two different schools of teeny fish. Well one school had teeny fish and the other had teenier fish. It was pretty awesome watching the two swim around and, sometimes chase/run away from each other.

Christopher saw a sting ray jump out of the water.

Roxy laughed at a guy in a Speedo. (She thought he was swimming in his underwear.)

Then, the clouds started rolling in. It started sideways raining, so we packed up and trekked back to the van. We changed out of our soaking wet beach clothes and into our dry clothes and then… it stopped raining.

So, we decided to walk over and take a peek at the dolphin exhibit (which is amazing. I recommend stopping by if you are in the vicinity).

We almost got around to examining all of the dolphins when the rain decided it wasn’t done. So, we hid under a roof while Daddy took the umbrella and pulled our chariot around to pick us up.

Heading home, we picked up some Thai takeout (YUM!) and I tried Thai Tea for the first time. Have you ever tried Thai Tea? (1) it’s fun to say, and (2) it’s pretty yummy. Kind of orangey and a big hint of Chai. Also something I recommend trying.

What sorts of unordinary things did you get around to this weekend?

<3, Tabi :D

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