me_in_a_big_hatThis is me in a big hat. Do you like it?

I was so proud to buy it at Target for $3 – to wear to the beach/pool/around the hood. My daughter’s reaction? Well, she giggled at me. I guess it is a little funny to see me in a huge hat. I’m happy she gave me an honest reaction.

Lying LIARS drive me insane! I can tell 98% of the time when someone is trying to lie to me. The false information that’s tried to be passed off as factual information finds it’s way into my pores, burrows underneath the top 3 layers of my skin, multiplies itself exponentially and makes me itchy & twitchy all over. Sometimes I explode.


My word of advice to anyone and everyone listening (including myself) – to lead a healthful, wealthful, happy sort of existence, is simple: Be honest.

Be honest to others, be honest to YOURSELF. It’s not always easy, but it is the best policy.

Honesty is the best way to face your weaknesses and to grow.

Even if you think you are lying for good reasons, to protect another one’s feelings, it’s a no go in my book. That person deserves the truth, no matter how far it is from ideal.

In my house the penalty for lying is far worse than the penalty for “accidentally” knocking over your little sisters bowl of Booty (Pirate’s Booty, that is).

This is my entry for today’s: Blog Every Day in May Challenge. :)

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