My Wednesday. In photos.

It starts here – I wake up – wish I was her (still sleeping) and sooo sleepy.

IMG_8621 IMG_8622Then it’s rush rush rush and drive the Bear to school.

IMG_8623Bear dropped off, then back home to have breakfast, clean the kitchen, walk the dog.

IMG_8638(caught her mid-sentence … apparently)IMG_8641 IMG_8640 We finish all that up just in time to head to the Y for a good ‘Play Babies, Play Treehouse’ (for Zo) and an hour of BodyFlow for me. (No pictures of the Y, but here’s one of Zo ready to go and the flower she made me take a picture of before we could leave.)

IMG_8644 IMG_8627Wrap that up just in time to pick up the Bear and head home for lunch.
Me: post workout – a happy Mommy Bear



These two decorated our patio while I mixed up some smoothies & lunch.

IMG_8646IMG_8647Then it’s back in the van to get our big sister – woohoo! It’s my last bus route of the day!

IMG_8642After we get back from pick up line and getting Roxy, I force the kids to do their respective homeworks, walk the dog, get the mail, play a game of bouncy ball with ZoBo…  then I’m supposed to be making a wolf hat, but I’m exhausted & decided to give myself a little break and got sucked into an episode of Kitchen Nightmares (I swear I started watching thinking it was only a clip).

IMG_8650 IMG_8649

IMG_8652So, I finally start the wolf hat. Daddy comes home and is my hero, he cooks dinner for us (which was some kind of noodle, vegetarian taco casserole AND DELICIOUS!).

IMG_8654 IMG_8656 IMG_8658Daddy put the kids to bed as I finished up the wolf hat – which came out looking more like a kitty cat hat (but cute!), and I finish up the night on the couch with a glass of Chardonnay and New Girl (Schmidt better choose Cici, that’s all I’m saying).

Okay, that’s not all I’m saying – I will also add that if Schmidt picks the old girlfriend, I’m quitting New Girl. QUITTING it! That’s how strongly I feel about that. Despite the many laughs-out-loud New Girl has brought me, Schmidt regressing to his former and less amazing self is just not okay.

While I’m on the subject of shallow yet amazing TV sitcoms, I am not a fan of Mindy’s new haircut.

That was my Wednesday. Fun, right?

<3, Tabi :D

p.s.  That picture of the wolf/kitty cat hat was not the finished product. I finished the edges and it looked more finished when I was done with it. That was just a try on pic – tried on Zoie because Roxy was already in bed. Just felt the need to justify that. for. some. reason.


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