Today we received an awesome thing. It was a present from ‘the internet’.

Inside the heavy, brown box were lots and lots of beautiful, colorful, new smelling books. Talk about an awesome mail day.

Why would the internet send us a box full of books, you ask? A few weeks ago, my husband the Redditor posted this. Go ahead, click on it… I’ll wait….

I learned that day that Reddit is a crazy beast. A true cross section of the people of the world. There were funny comments, off the wall comments, some question as to whether or not Zoie was Hindu, but most importantly A LOT of encouraging comments.

One of those kind people sent my husband a private message saying that she worked for a publishing company of one of those books my children were reading. She said she’d like to send my kids a box of books! The best part? She did!!! And so here we are.

This is a big deal. A generous gift that will be treasured and has restored some of my faith in humanity.

Thank you, Internet. Our family is truly grateful for this wonderful gift. xo

<3, Tabi :D
p.s. On an unrelated note, my husband did the dishes tonight with a mouse on his shoulder.
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