The City of Townsville…

powerpuffgirls… is where it all started.*

The Powerpuff Girls. Remember them? I am a huge PPG fan – and I’m not afraid to shout it. I was ecstatic when the shows became available to watch on Netflix streaming recently. It’s been a while since we’ve had cable, and so it was like welcoming a dear friend back into my life. In honor of those adorable 5 year old girls on this fifth day of July, here are Five Things about the Powerpuff Girls that make me happy.

  1. *They are my original graphic inspiration. I started design school at the peak of my PPG obsession. I’ve always appreciated the style of art that is PPG. The cutesy girly colors, the thick black outlines, the simpleness of shapes, the dramatic backgrounds contrasting with those adorable little superheroes with their hardcore faces on, or the monochromatic background contrasting with the thick black outlines when the scene is a not so dramatic one … looking back at my art school assignments – it was all PPG inspired.
  2. All my kids are fans. This makes me very happy. Every time my 2 year old asks to watch The Powerpuff Girl, I can’t hide the smile that pops up on my face. Even if it is past her bedtime.
  3. I love that everyone is a Blossom, Buttercup or Bubbles. I came to realize a few weeks ago that I gave birth to the Powerpuff Girls (except that one happens to be a boy). Roxy is my Blossom – the leader, intellectual and defender of justice. Riley is my Buttercup – the fighter,  he’s tough and has perfected his scowl. Zoie is soooo Bubbles! Even down to the blonde ponytails. She loves to color, she loves animals, she’s all giggles and singing and rainbows – yet she doesn’t hesitate to put up a fight when it’s necessary.
  4. Mojo Jojo. He’s the ultimate villain, with his evil diabolical plans and his most evil lair (in the middle of city park), his laser guns and robots, cape and most evil laugh. Even though Roxy is a Blossom, sometimes she’s like Mojo Jojo because she will say the same thing 18 different ways before she stops talking. And sometimes (mostly in the mornings, you know, pre-coffee) I’m like Mojo Jojo … Curses!
  5. About a week ago – I mentioned something about the PPG movie to the kids & they were blown away. They NEEDED to watch the movie ASAP. I did a little internet searchy search as I do and quickly found it available at the for a mere $4.98!! (and FREE shipping!!!) I’m not complaining, but they are really undercharging for this. I feel like I found the deal of the IMG_9176century. We purchased it, the movie arrived today & already has been watched TWICE!

P.S. Upon cracking the seal on the DVD, I opened it to find an amazing offer to get a free PPG DVD if you purchase the movie +  another DVD … too bad the offer expired 10 years ago. :( I kind of felt like I opened up a time capsule.


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