Let me preface this by saying that generally, I try to spotlight my kids equally unless it’s a special occasion, like a birthday or major milestone, etc.

But this girl is too cute lately. :)

This list really could go on and on and on and on (you get the point), but today, here are my top 5 reasons you should fall head over heels for my little ZoBo:

1. Those angelic, almost afro-puff blonde curls of hers. I almost want to keep her hair this length for ever and ever so that those curls remain atop her baby head always. (See figure 1 below for a good example of those cotton candy curls of hers.)

    2. She loves LOVES loves her babies. She has 3 or 4 (depending on if Roxy lets her borrow one of her dollies) that she will push around in her purple shopping cart all day long. One of her dollies was sick today, but Zoie was there to check her out and made her feel all better.

      (Please note the genuine look of concern on her face in the picture on the left)
      Giving her baby her meds to make her all better. :)

      3. She is generous and will share her snacks. 

      See? Of course I want to share your pretzel with you.

      4. She comes in for the cuddles. Her cuddles are the best! Little arms wrapped around the neck/or tucked in for added warmth, head laying on shoulder pure sugar sweetness.

      5. She can hold her own in a light saber fight. She even makes the sound effects.

      To quote my husband,
      “With the baby, the force is strong. Protect her from the dark side we must.”

      Are you sold?
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